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General WordPress Tips and Info

WordPressBelow is a collection of links to some useful information regarding WordPress:

  • If you’ve ever locked yourself out of your WordPress blog, never fear, there is a way to fix it. Check out: Reset WordPress Passwords Using phpMyAdmin
  • MySQL4 was in widespread use before it was replaced by MySQL5, which is faster and more secure. If your blog is still running on MySQL4, this article is worth reading and will help you to Upgrade your WordPress Database from MySQL4 to MySQL5
  • Uploading repetitive site changes takes time. If you’re not careful, your test code can be exposed to the public and even indexed by Google. XAMPP is a free open-source package that will let you install Apache web server, PHP5 and MySQL to your hard drive so you can test themes and such in an offline mode. Read more: Test WordPress On Your Hard Drive with XAMPP
  • You can turn off a setting in WordPress so your blog is not publicly seen or indexed by Google. During one of the routine WordPress upgrades, however, some people found that this setting somehow got turned off . This article discusses the issue: WordPress Blog Not Indexed by Google
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