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How to Set Up a Ceton InfiniTV 6 ETH – 6-channel Cable TV Ethernet Tuner

This article will guide you through the steps necessary to set up and use the Ceton InfiniTV 6 ETH – 6-channel Cable TV Ethernet Tuner on your Windows network using Windows Media Center. This article was primarily written because my local cable provider is finally discontinuing all analog channels and moving to digital-only content on Dec. 1st, 2013, which will effectively remove a majority of channels that we record and watch.Ceton InfiniTV 6 ETH Tuner

Some time ago, I decided to stop paying my local cable provider some $29/month for cable box rental fees. I had one HD DVR box, and a “normal” box. The HD DVR box only had a 120GB hard drive inside, allowing for maybe 30 hours of HD recorded content. As you can imagine, this filled up quickly when recording sports events, especially NASCAR races.

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Access Content on Your Windows Media Center PC Remotely

This article is a part of the Build a Media Center PVR PC series.

If you have an Android phone, an iPhone, an iPad, or even just a Windows computer, you can use a free software package called Remote Potato to access your Media Center PVR PC from virtually anywhere, via the Internet or even 3G or 4G (for mobile devices). There are a few software packages that you may need to download first, and it is advised to read all of the information, help files, and manuals prior to starting. This way, you’ll have a good understanding of what you will be doing, and you’ll also be more confident when exposing your computer to the Internet.

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Are YOU backing up your important data?

If you aren’t regularly backing up your data (photos, documents, music, etc.), you risk losing it all in the event of a hard drive failure or malware infection. With malware so rampant these days, it is more important than ever to store a copy of your data in a second location for easy recovery.

As you read this article, please keep in mind that Cartier Consulting offers reliable and affordable computer software installation, hardware installation, data backup, and malware removal services.

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What the Internet Security Suite Vendors Won’t Tell You

These days, running a Windows-based PC comes without anti-virus and anti-malware software installed and updated is asking for trouble. If you have a lone PC connected directly to your ISPs modem, you are even more at risk to attacks that can leave your PC unusable.

Trend Micro Internet Security

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Build a Media Center PVR PC – Part 3

Part 1 – Hardware | Part 2 – Software | Part 3 – Configuration


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