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Graphic Design and Photo Editing


We have the tools to backup, edit, scan and archive photos. We are experienced with Adobe Photoshop and can produce the results you are looking for. Some of our common design and editing tasks are:

  • Customized graphic design and editing
  • Business logos
  • Business cards
  • Photo editing and retouching
  • Archive digital photos to CDs or DVDs
  • Custom photo albums and slide shows
  • Scanning old photos to CD or DVD

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Our fixed-price service package offerings, along with our hourly rate for custom services, additional work, website maintenance, etc. is summarized below. All prices are in USD (US Dollars).

We do offer discounts for validated educational institutions, charities and non-profit organizations. We may also be able to negotiate “flat-rate” charges for custom services. Please Contact Us with your questions or for more information.

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Remote Support

We can help you remotely when you need some computer help fast. A high-speed cable, DSL or fiber-optic Internet connection is required in order to be eligible for this service.

Remote support is provided by downloading a free client application from The application doesn’t need to be installed, and there’s even a version which doesn’t require Administrator rights to use. The connection to your computer is secure, and uses a numeric ID and a password for the connection. You are able to disconnect at any time. Click on the TeamViewer logo image to download the client application now!

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Why Us?

About UsLarge retailers and even “authorized” computer manufacturer service centers typically charge what they do for repairs because of their overhead costs. They have to pay for building and utility costs, staff salaries, warehouse or storage costs, advertising, etc., and still turn a profit.

If you bring your computer to a manufacturer’s service center with a hard drive, malware or software issue, chances are they may either refuse to repair it, or re-format or replace the hard drive without troubleshooting the problem first, possibly without even backing up any of your data

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Camera & Camcorder Data Recovery

Flash media types

We can recover photos and videos from most digital photography and video equipment that uses removable storage media. Please see our Computer Data Recovery page for flash media data recovery options and pricing.

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