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Gaming Systems

Game consoles

We can provide assistance with setting-up your Gaming System.

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Video Editing & Conversion

It is not uncommon to have some old VHS or even Hi-8 tapes packed away in a box somewhere, but if and when you decide to dust them off, will they still be playable? VHS

With the advent of DVD video, VHS video players have become a dying breed. You may not be able to find a player when you need one, or the tape quality may be greatly reduced due to degradation that occurs over time.

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Audio Editing & Conversion

AlbumCassette tape

You’ve made a significant investment in your CD collection, but CDs aren’t the most convenient media format for your music any more. CDs are susceptible to scratches and damage, and awkward to carry around.

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Electronics Repair

Elecronics repairIn today’s world, many electronic devices such as iPods™ are powered by rechargeable batteries. While this is a great technological feature, rechargeable batteries do have a limited lifespan.

We are able to locate rechargeable batteries and replace them in most electronic devices, including iPod™ music players, digital cameras, cell phones, ‘smart phones’, and cordless phones.

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Remote Control Set-Up

Remote control

Universal remote controllers help to consolidate several remotes into one device, helping prevent lost remotes. Some can be programmed to operate several devices via a preset feature, such as “Movie” or “iPod”.

This service is intended for “advanced learning” remote controls, such as the new Logitech Harmony remote controllers.

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