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"Fatal error: Out of Memory" in WordPress

WordPressIf you have ever dealt with this WordPress error, you are probably well aware of how frustrating it can be to troubleshoot. This can happen when you upgrade or install plug-ins in WordPress. In fact, simply upgrading the WordPress core installation to a newer version can produce this same memory issue.

The issue stems from a memory limit that is placed on the allocated PHP memory that your WordPress installation is allowed to use on the server. One of the fundamental purposes for this limit is web server security. How much space your particular WordPress installation is allowed to use depends on several factors, but the main one is whether or not your web space is located on a “shared” hosting server.

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Securing Your WordPress Installation

WordPress is a great blogging platform. Perhaps the power of WordPress (hereafter referred to as WP) is best exemplified in its diversity. WP SecuritySites based on WP don’t need to only look and feel like a conventional blog site. You can apply themes, install and configure plugins to add or modify features, and restrict content to certain users, all the while maintaining a consistent base that is easily (usually ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) upgraded through a few clicks in the admin dashboard interface.

This site is itself based on WP.

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Domain Name Registration Renewal Scams

Do you have an existing web site? If you do, then you’re likely to have seen annual domain name registration renewal notices in the mail. They are usually accompanied by some verbage in the form of a scare tactic that attempts to “con” you into thinking you have to pay a third party to renew your domain name registration or you will lose it.

If you have a hosting company like 1&1 Web Hosting or Network Solutions, or even GoDaddy, and you don’t know if annual domain name registration renewal is included, then it would be a good idea to review your contract terms.

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Web Hosting

Cartier Consulting recommends 1&1 Web Hosting for all of your hosting needs.

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General WordPress Tips and Info

WordPressBelow is a collection of links to some useful information regarding WordPress:

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