E-mailNot everyone is comfortable with setting up their own e-mail account on a computer or mobile device. Without technical knowledge, some of the settings can be difficult to find or change.

Of course, we understand this, and we’re here to help. We have extensive experience with e-mail programs and configuration options, such as ports and authentication, etc. We also offer services to help protect you from the threats to your computer security and performance that an e-mail program can provide. Such services are offered separately through our Security & Performance package,

If you think your computer was infected by a virus or malware through an e-mail or an e-mail attachment, then check out our Virus & Malware Removal package.

Cartier Consulting offers the following E-mail service package for $39 *:

  • Connect an existing and active e-mail account to a computer or mobile device.
    (Note that all required passwords and a high-speed Internet connection must be available)

Additional features may be requested at the time of service, and will be billed at our normal hourly rate. See our Rates page for current rates.

* If email account troubleshooting, repair or reconfiguration is needed, there is an additional cost of $30.