Remote control

Universal remote controllers help to consolidate several remotes into one device, helping prevent lost remotes. Some can be programmed to operate several devices via a preset feature, such as “Movie” or “iPod”.

This service is intended for “advanced learning” remote controls, such as the new Logitech Harmony remote controllers.

For a flat rate of $89, Cartier Consulting offers a Remote Control Set-Up service package that includes the following items:

  • Configure a single remote control for the operation of up to 8 devices
  • Verify proper operation of the configured remote control
  • Provide basic training on the use of your multi-device remote control
  • If applicable, set up a User ID and password for Internet use

Assistance with the set-up of more advanced remote controllers may require additional charges.

Additional features may be requested at the time of service, and will be billed at our normal hourly rate. See our Rates page for current rates, or Contact Us with any questions or for more information.