Wireless router
Wireless USB adapter

Looking to have the convenience of a secure, fast wireless home network for an affordable price? Ever want to surf the Internet from your couch using your laptop, or maybe connect that new TV you just bought to the Internet using a wireless network?

It’s not a well known fact that it is against Federal law, and may also be a violation of laws in your particular state to use someone else’s network, whether it is wired or wireless, without their express permission. We can help you set up your own private and secure wireless network that will give you control over who is allowed to use it.

Below is our on-site-only Wireless Networking service package, offered for a flat rate of $119 *:

  • Installation, set-up, and configuration of security on your wireless router, which will help prevent others from using your broadband Internet connection and help safeguard your sensitive and personal information
  • Configure internet settings using information provided by your ISP (internet service provider)
  • Installation and configuration of a network adapter on up to 2 devices, including Personal Computers, Laptops, Gaming Consoles, Network Blu-Ray/DVD Players, Network-Enabled TVs, etc. **
  • Secure your home network
  • Configure devices to share an internet connection, printers, and a variety of files and other media, including photos, videos, music, etc.
  • VoIP (Voice over IP) connections set up
  • Resolve your network and Internet connectivity issues if required

* Price does not include the cost of hardware.
** You may include additional devices at an additional cost of $59 each.