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E-mail Set-Up

E-mailNot everyone is comfortable with setting up their own e-mail account on a computer or mobile device. Without technical knowledge, some of the settings can be difficult to find or change.

Of course, we understand this, and we’re here to help. We have extensive experience with e-mail programs and configuration options, such as ports and authentication, etc. We also offer services to help protect you from the threats to your computer security and performance that an e-mail program can provide. Such services are offered separately through our Security & Performance package,

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Computer Set-Up

LaptopIf you are buying a new computer, there are a lot of things to set up and configure. There are software registrations, operating sstem updates, anti-virus and anti-malware updates, and several other tasks to perform that can be daunting, confusing or challenging.

Your old computer probably has information on it and programs that you either need or want to use on a new computer. If you have the installation media, we can help get your program up and running on a new computer *. This package also includes transferring up to 8.4 GB of your data from your old computer to backup media or another location.

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Computer Tune-Ups

PerformanceIs your computer “cluttered” with old files and programs? Does it seem to get “bogged-down” when you turn it on or begin using it?

With this package, we will evaluate and clean up unnecessary programs, startup entries, and expired “limited-time” trialware. Programs that fall under the expired trialware category are those that you get with a new computer and work great but then 3 months later, you start receiving notices on your desktop that you need to purchase the full version to continue using them. These programs can still be loading in the background when you start your computer even if you don’t use them, and if so, they are taking up valuable RAM memory and hard drive space.

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Wireless Networking

Wireless router
Wireless USB adapter

Looking to have the convenience of a secure, fast wireless home network for an affordable price? Ever want to surf the Internet from your couch using your laptop, or maybe connect that new TV you just bought to the Internet using a wireless network?

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Security & Performance

SecurityHave you been using your computer to surf the Web while logged in as an administrator? Are you concerned about the risks associated with doing this? If you can answer “yes” to either of these questions, we can help you understand the risks and help you to prevent the loss of your files and data, or even your operating system.

Maybe you have teenage children in the house who like to download anything and everything? Are you sure they’re not compromising your valuable computer investment?

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