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Securing Your WordPress Installation

WordPress is a great blogging platform. Perhaps the power of WordPress (hereafter referred to as WP) is best exemplified in its diversity. WP SecuritySites based on WP don’t need to only look and feel like a conventional blog site. You can apply themes, install and configure plugins to add or modify features, and restrict content to certain users, all the while maintaining a consistent base that is easily (usually 😉 ) upgraded through a few clicks in the admin dashboard interface.

This site is itself based on WP.

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The Internet Archive’s ‘Way Back’ Machine

Have you ever visited an old bookmark and were disappointed to find the link was taken down or deleted? Try using the The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. It is notoriously slow, and may not bring up all of the original site images, but you may be pleasantly surprised by what you are able to find using this tool.

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